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After an eventful year in which Gräf & Meyer GmbH celebrated its 25th anniversary and a promising cooperation with LDA AudioTech Spain was closed, the next logical step into an exciting future follows.

What belongs together grows together - two strong partners have found each other.

Gräf & Meyer GmbH, 66459 Kirkel, manufacturer and distributor of voice alarm systems and NSC Sicherheitstechnik GmbH,


33719 Bielefeld, developer and manufacturer of fire detection technology, have joined their forces as of March 1st, 2020.

As of July 1st, 2020, both the voice alarm systems as well as fire alarm systems will be offered out of one hand. A total of 12 skilled sales representatives for the national market and in addition 6 sales offices for the international market, are at your disposal.

Our goal, together with LDA AudioTech and NSC Sicherheitstechnik, is to continue the successful road ahead and to supply both the European and partly the global market with the latest technologies and to present tailored solutions meeting our customers’ needs.

We look forward to a successful cooperation.

Product video NEO

Product video ONE

Voice alarm systems



NEO stands for cutting-edge technology in EN 54-16 PA/VA applications and uses innovations that ensure the future and future viability.

The main unit by itself of NEO’s Public Address and Voice Alarm system, “NEO 8060”, impresses with its plug-and-play philosophy: in just one 2U device all is featured and included, for which other manufacturers normally require several devices...



ONE is a complete Plug-and-Play Audio Management System according to EN 54-16 / EN 54-4, in which Class D power amplifiers as well as a battery charger including battery are integrated in a single 2U enclosure.

The innovative Wall & Rack design allows mounting on a wall as well as in a rack, depending on the requirements of each project.

Gräf & Meyer GmbH

Who we are…
We have given ourselves the goal to develop needs-based Evacuation technology, which can optionally be combined with high-tech communication technology.

Life safety of people as well as individual communication with them, is our main focus in our daily business. This we achieve with our highly motivated, qualified and certified team for almost 25 years now.

What we offfer….
We offer the ideal solution for every application.


What we can do for you…
We think long term - that's why we offer a collaborative partnership that already starts before the project. Besides our professional advice, this also includes tailored planning & design support so you will end up with the right solution for your customer. Your success is our success.

What happens next?
Whether the chosen solution or advice was good, can only be judged "afterwards". Therefore, we are very proud that our customers highlight our services in their reviews as very positive over and over again; that’s exactly why this high quality of service is the key benefit of a medium-sized company.


stands for a robust and cost-effective technology, not only easy to design and easy to install, but also easy to operate.

The price performance-wise strong all-round solution.


represents a sophisticated technology when it comes to the combination of security and communication. A Voice Alarm and Evacuation system with high audio quality & EQ features contributing to achieve high speech intelligibility, ideally suited for playback of music and speech throughout the system.


Support for planning offices and system integrators

Rack assembly

according customers specification – on request


Commissioning service
on request

Phone support

…we are always at your

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